Tips To Fall Asleep In Your Chair

Fall asleep in your chair We all prefer the comfort of a warm, cozy bed, but sometimes, we also have to learn to settle for less. If you end up relegated to a chair, try some of these steps to help you fall asleep peacefully. Continue reading
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4 Sofa Arrangements That Define Space

Sofa arrangement speaks volumes about a space Sofa arrangement can speak volume about a space and define certain areas of your home for certain uses. Use sofas to distinguish certain spaces for entertainment, conversation, leisure or any other purpose you like. Continue reading
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Hip Arthritis Might Not Need Surgery

Hip Arthritis doesn't need to be countered with invasive treatment! According to The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, hip arthritis, if caught in early stages, may not require surgery or any other invasive treatment.  It might not even require medication. According to tips from HealthDay News, early stage Hip Arthritis … Continue reading
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Indulge This Mardi Gras with Contempo Sofa

31708wujakyy5wy   Mardi Gras is starting soon.  An old-world mainstay updated for the new-world party-lover, it’s a time of indulgence and celebration.  People throughout Europe celebrated its week-long predecessor, Carnivale, to blow off steam and indulge in life’s naughtier side before … Continue reading
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Naps: The Key To A Better Life

If you really want to power through the day, take a nap instead of a coffee break. Go, Go, Go.  Work, Work, Work.  Sound familiar? Americans are overworked, underpaid, and, sadly, not changing any time soon.  But there is a way to keep up productivity throughout a long day without sacrificing your health (and cash!) to caffeine … Continue reading
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