4 Sofa Arrangements That Define Space

Sofa arrangement speaks volumes about a spaceSofa arrangement can speak volumes about a space, redefining areas redistributing the allocation of activity in your home.  Here’s four ways you can use your sofa to arrange your space:

Define a conversational area

Place two sofas, or a sofa and two chairs, facing each other.  Make sure every person could easily speak to each other person from any sitting position.  Now remove the TV or any distracting influence from the space, and, bam, you’ve got a great area for storytelling, discussion and relaxed conversation.

Define a reading or leisure area

Place a sofa or two chairs next to the bookshelf or piano, and there’s really no question about why it’s there.

Focus on the view

Do you have a great view from one of your windows?  Put the sofa in front of it, so you and your guests can relax and admire.

Create symmetry

Divide the space in your home with two identical sofas directly facing each other, separated by a coffee table or small decoration.  You’ll be amazed how such a simple arrangement divides your space with such accuracy.

Do you have any other ideas for sofa arrangements?  If so, please let us know and tell us how you think it would complement a space.

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