Tips To Fall Asleep In Your Chair

Fall asleep in your chairWe all like sleeping in our beds, but the sad reality is that sometimes, a bed might not be readily available.  If you have to sub in a chair for a bed, try these tips to help you fall asleep peacefully and get a good night’s rest.

Pick a chair with arms.  You don’t want to fall off your chair in the middle of the night, do you?

Grab a blanket and turn the temperature in the room to a comfortable setting.  You’ll fall asleep much faster in a cool, well-ventilated room.

Listen to soothing music.  Falling asleep is all about entering a state of relaxation.  Put on light, relaxing music (like a string quartet) to take your mind off the day and relax.

Light aromatherapy candles.  It’s all about relaxing.  Light some candles, listen to music and drift off (just remember to blow out the candles before you go to sleep).

Breathe in a slow steady rhythm.  Are you sleeping yet?

These are just a few of the tips you could try.  If you’re really having trouble falling asleep, try wearing an eye-mask or sipping a glass of warm milk, too.

What are some methods you use to fall asleep when you can’t reach a bed?

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