Watch Out For Your Favorite Spot on the Sofa

Dramatic Fade

Dramatic Fade

We’ve all got a favorite spot on the sofa.  Usually it’s the one with the best view of the TV, but some people tend to vary their choice.

Anyway, you’ll probably notice that your favorite spot tends to get comfier over time.  The more you sit on it, the softer the leather gets and the more it conforms to your shape.

That’s one of the great things about sofas, but you should also be wary to take extra care of that spot.  Since its being used more than the rest of the sofa, it’s getting a little more wear and therefore might need a little extra buffing.

No worries, though.  Leather sofas are easy to clean and it’s easy to keep your sofa shining with simple household materials.

So enjoy your favorite spot.  Just remember to give it a little extra love and attention.

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