The Living Room Seating Layout For Dummies

Great seating layouts are easy! Interior Design may not be everyone’s domain, but setting up a living room seating layout is easy as A-B-C. Check out some of these tips to ensure that even if your living room doesn’t sparkle and shine, it can at least have a well-placed seating layout. Continue reading
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Tips To Fall Asleep In Your Chair

Fall asleep in your chair We all prefer the comfort of a warm, cozy bed, but sometimes, we also have to learn to settle for less. If you end up relegated to a chair, try some of these steps to help you fall asleep peacefully. Continue reading
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Product Review: The Diego Leather Sofa Collection

diego Contempo Sofa’s primary objectives are simple: luxury and elegance.  Relaxation is a key tenet of life.  Whether you live in an Upper East Side townhouse, a SOHO loft, or a cozy house in the suburbs, when you come home at … Continue reading
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Bellange: A Magnificent Display of Craftsmanship in the White House

Two gorgeous Bellange chairs The Bellange furniture suite is one of the oldest and most important pieces of furniture in the White House presidential collection.  Ordered by President Monroe, the 53 piece set included two sofas and twenty arm-chairs made by Parisian cabinet maker … Continue reading
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