Stop Being a Couch Potato

Get up, get out, get off the couch Get off the couch and get out the door. Spring is almost here and it's time to make a committment to your health and your life. Continue reading
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Getting a Full Night’s Sleep When You Couldn’t Actually Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Even if you didn't get a full night's sleep, you can always fake it. Life’s busy and sometimes we can’t always get the recommended eight hours of sleep we need.  So how can you stay alert in the morning when you’re running on less than your best? Health.com recommends a few special tips: First … Continue reading
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Step Away From the Couch for 40 Days and 40 Nights

Gathering around the TV is nice but why not go play a game of football instead? As Catholics enter the Lenten season, one concept seems to enter the public mind: sacrifice.  The question is always “what are you giving up for 40 days and 40 nights?”  Never “what are you taking on for the rest of … Continue reading
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