Getting a Full Night’s Sleep When You Couldn’t Actually Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Even if you didn't get a full night's sleep, you can always fake it.Life’s busy and sometimes we can’t always get the recommended eight hours of sleep we need.  So how can you stay alert in the morning when you’re running on less than your best? recommends a few special tips:

First off, open your shades.  A quick burst of natural sunlight will reset your body clock.  Then, make sure to eat right.  Don’t go for sugary foods, since those only offer a short spike followed by a crash.  Prepare with protein and whole grain carbs. recommends “a whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter and a sliced banana.”

If you’ve got the time, take a walk.  “Movement boosts core temperature and stimulates the heart, brain, and muscles” says Dr. Michael Breus.   And to keep that energy going throughout the day, remember to drink lots of water.  According to Breus, “sleep deprivation can mildly dehydrate you….and dehydration actually compounds fatigue.”  Stay hydrated throughout the day to stay awake.

If you can find a spare minute throughout the day, taking a nap is also a helpful way to regain your energy.  But beware; if you take a nap on a Contempo Sofa you may not want to get up.

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles

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