Sleep Cycle Wakes You During Your Lightest Sleep Phase

Tired of that annoying alarm clock yet? Does the morning person really exist?  We think it’s a myth, but with Sleep Cycle, a new app for the iPhone, mornings might not be so rough any more.  Designed by Macjek Drejak, the Sleep Cycle app wakes you when … Continue reading
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Falling Asleep on the Sofa

Sleep well, even on the couch Love can be a tough game.  Couples disagree, they argue and sometimes they fight.  It’s perfectly natural, though sometimes a fight with your spouse can lead to some undesirable consequences. Husbands of the world, you’ve all probably been exiled to … Continue reading
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Fall In Love With Your Sofa

Let a sofa take the edge off   A good sofa is like a good friend, or so we’ve been told.  At the end of the day, when you’re tired and sore and want nothing more to do with anything or anyone, your sofa is there for … Continue reading
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Snuggle Up With Contempo Sofa This Valentine’s Day

Stay home with someone special   Everyone likes to make Valentine’s Day special, but is it really necessary to go out and blow your cash on an overpriced meal to celebrate your significant other? If you really want to make the night special, make it … Continue reading
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Winter Is Here: Stay In on a Snow Day with Contempo Sofa

Snuggle up this winter with Contempo Sofa It’s winter in America.  The air is cold, the sky is gray and the charm of the Christmas season has long passed.  But it’s not all bad.  After all, winter means snow! As the people of Colorado are now well … Continue reading
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Naps: The Key To A Better Life

If you really want to power through the day, take a nap instead of a coffee break. Go, Go, Go.  Work, Work, Work.  Sound familiar? Americans are overworked, underpaid, and, sadly, not changing any time soon.  But there is a way to keep up productivity throughout a long day without sacrificing your health (and cash!) to caffeine … Continue reading
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