Watch Out For Your Favorite Spot on the Sofa

Dramatic Fade We’ve all got a favorite spot on the sofa. Usually it’s the one with the best view of the TV, but some people tend to vary their choice. Make sure to give your spot a little extra care, so it doesn't fade faster than the rest of the sofa. Continue reading
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Fall In Love With Your Sofa

Let a sofa take the edge off   A good sofa is like a good friend, or so we’ve been told.  At the end of the day, when you’re tired and sore and want nothing more to do with anything or anyone, your sofa is there for … Continue reading
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Why Do Fools Fall in Love? Finding The Right Sofa For The Right Space

Measure Plenty of people fall in love with the perfect sofa in the furniture store, but bring them home to find it doesn’t fit the desired space.  How can you avoid choosing a bad match? Be mindful of your space and … Continue reading
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Snuggle Up With Contempo Sofa This Valentine’s Day

Stay home with someone special   Everyone likes to make Valentine’s Day special, but is it really necessary to go out and blow your cash on an overpriced meal to celebrate your significant other? If you really want to make the night special, make it … Continue reading
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