Sleep Cycle Wakes You During Your Lightest Sleep Phase

Tired of that annoying alarm clock yet?Does the morning person really exist?  We think it’s a myth, but with Sleep Cycle, a new app for the iPhone, mornings might not be so rough any more.  Designed by Macjek Drejak, the Sleep Cycle app wakes you when you are at your lightest sleep phase so waking up is a much less-intrusive event.

When you sleep, your body goes through a wide variety of sleep “phases” ranging from light sleep to deep sleep.  During deep sleep, your body will also enter REM-sleep, which is when you start dreaming.  When your alarm clock goes off during deep sleep or REM-sleep, you wake up feeling like you just got hit by a bus.  However awakening from a light sleep-phase is a fairly painless process.

The Sleep Cycle app uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to detect the amount of movement you make while sleeping.  Based upon how much you’re moving, the app can detect which sleep phase you’re in.  Then it sets a 30-minute window ending at your designated alarm time to wake you up whenever you enter a light sleep phase.

Says the developer, Macjek Drejak:

“This isn’t really something new. These so called bio-alarm clocks have been around for years and work very well, but they usually come with a hefty $200 price tag. I realized that the iPhone has all the components needed, and decided to make an alarm clock that works exactly the same, but sell it for a dollar or two instead.”

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Although this sounds like a dream, we still challenge you to get up after a nap on a Contempo Sofa.  You might be awake, but, trust us; you won’t want to get up.

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