Hosting Visitors on the Couch

visitors It can be nice to have visitors for a little while and it’s always fun to host visiting friends and family on the couch for a few days. Read on for a few tips to help everyone feel a little more comfortable during the visit. Continue reading
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Food on the Sofa – Yay or Nay?

That's not very pretty When I was a child, my mother absolutely refused to let me eat on her leather sofa. And as I've grow older, I understand her point better. Although they're easy to clean, leather sofas are classy, gorgeous living room furnishings and you never want to see one stained. Continue reading
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Try on a Three Piece Suite

Try on a Three Piece Suite Three piece suite is an English term referring to a sofa and a set of two matching chairs. It’s a timeless living room combination that you know will always work because the three pieces were meant to go together. Continue reading
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Weekly Reminder: Check the Sofa Cushions

sofa Do you ever lose things in your sofa? I do all the time. Continue reading
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Ninja Block: An Alarm For Your Couch Cushions

Ninja Block, computerized sensor-equipped box...with Internet Ain't technology fascinating? A young Internet startup called Ninja Block is planning to release "little computerized, sensor-equipped boxes" that can be used for a variety of daily tasks such as catching newspaper thieves and keeping your pets off the couch. Continue reading
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Sofas Made For Sitting

Our sofas are made for sitting We've seen plenty of pieces of furniture that, though beautiful, don't perform their function very well. Sure, some furniture can function as purely decorative pieces, but here at Contempo Sofa, we make our sofas for people looking for a place to sit in (with style, of course). Continue reading
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