Weekly Reminder: Check the Sofa Cushions

sofaIn between my sofa cushions are the following items: 

Some loose change, brass knuckles, the complete works of chopin, a thesauraus rex, some tums, antidisestablishmentarianism, the fuzz, bipolar disorder, m&ms, a sega genesis, a member of mensa, my herb garden, the taco bell chihuahua, alex trebek, and cheerios”

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Do you ever lose things in your sofa?  I do all the time.  The big problem though is that oftentimes, I don’t remember to check there until I’ve spent an hour tearing apart every other part of my home looking for them.  But they’re always in the sofa cushions.  99.9999% of the time, it’s in the couch cushions.

Next time you’re looking for something, check the couch cushions first.  Then tear the rest of your home apart.

What have you lost in the sofa?  In no particular order, I’ve lost:

-       Keys

-       Watch

-       Earrings

-       Remote Control(s)

-       Spare Change

-       Not spare change

-       Wallet

-       CDs

-       Necklaces

-       Cell Phone

-       Advil

-       Cereal

-       Popcorn

-       Bottle caps

-       My sanity

Photo Credit: John Kasawa

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