The Joy of Italian Leather Furniture

Italian leather is hand-crafted for timeless quality and durability.Italian leather is the top choice for nearly all artisans who craft luxury leather products.  Italian leather furniture, purses, wallets, and coats  are top of the line products that look great and last for ages.

But what makes Italian leather so great?  Well, simply put, everything!  Italian leather tanning is a process entirely dependent on quality and sophistication.

Italian leather is full-grain leather, meaning that there is little to no sanding or alteration performed on the rawhide material the leather is made from.  Manufacturers only use the very best rawhide.  The strict quality control process excludes any material with imperfections that might lower the quality of the leather during the manufacturing process.

Manufacturers who produce Italian leather typically use natural vegetable and plant extract. The process takes longer, but the qualitative advantages are tremendous.  Italian leather is extremely robust and withstands the wear and tear of everyday use with ease.  It’s easy to clean and maintain, plus Italian leather products are hallmarks of style and sophistication in both fashion and furniture design.

Italian leather lasts longer and just plain looks better.  What more could we want?

Experience the joy of Italian Leather Furniture with Contempo Sofa.

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