The Importance of Posture

Yoga is a great way to improve postureWhen you were a child, you mother probably told you to “sit up straight” at the dinner table.  While you may have thought it was just a matter of decorum, good posture can actually be a remarkably important health factor.

Good posture comes with a wide variety of health benefits.  Developing good posture early on will decrease your risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, osteoporosis and lower back and neck pain.  You’ll have more energy, too, since you’re using your muscles properly and you’ll improve your breathing, circulation and digestion because good posture puts less strain on the torso.

But good posture doesn’t only come with health benefits.  Standing and sitting with proper posture is a sign of confidence and sends a direct message about your self-esteem.  Also, it can make you look taller and thinner (who doesn’t want that).

Photo Credit: Ambro

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