Stop Your Cat From Hurting Your Upholstery

cats love scratching and they're particularly fond of scratching upholstery We love our furry, feline friends (who doesn't), and they unfortunately love our leather upholstery in a way we wish they didn't. Cats scratch instinctively and when they scratch leather upholstery, that damages the furniture. So how can you keep your cat's scratching habit at bay? Read on to find out. Continue reading
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The Joy of Italian Leather Furniture

Italian leather is hand-crafted for timeless quality and durability. Italian leather is the top choice for nearly all artisans who craft luxury leather products. And why not? It's a fine material, hand-made with a strict emphasis on time-sewn quality and endurance. Continue reading
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Cleaning Leather Furniture with Peanut Butter

Peanut butter can give you leather a clean, healthy sheen Okay, bear with me here.  About a month ago, the Contempo Sofa blog ran a story about cleaning solutions for leather upholstery.  However, we missed one of the most crucial items: peanut butter. Yeah, you read that right.  Peanut butter … Continue reading
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Cleaning Tips for Leather Upholstery

Keep your leather looking brand new! Accidents happen and, even worse, sometimes they happen to leather.  Next time you have a little spill on the sofa, don’t panic.  Just keep these Contempo Sofa tips in mind: To remove small ink stains, dip a cotton swab in … Continue reading
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