Why Do Fools Fall in Love? Finding The Right Sofa For The Right Space


Keep your head and take measurements before heading into the store

Plenty of people fall in love with the perfect sofa in the furniture store, but bring them home to find it doesn’t fit the desired space.  How can you avoid choosing a bad match?

Be mindful of your space and the measurements.  Try bringing a photograph of the space with you to the store.  Use it to estimate how well a sofa might fit in your room in terms of decor.

Measure the dimensions of your room.  Be sure to ask a salesman for the dimensions (height, length, and width) of any piece that catches your eye.  Or if you’re browsing contemposofa.com, just have a look at any of our product pages for the dimensions of a specific piece.

Write down the dimensions, and when you go home, create an outline of the sofa with masking tape to get an idea of how much space might be required.  Try this in any potential spots you may want to place the sofa to be sure it will fit properly.

Photo Credit: Rasmus Thomsen

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