How Stress Helps Us Achieve

Stress can help you hunker down and achieveOn the Contempo Sofa blog, we tend to give stress a bad rap and why not?  We’ve all seen the negative effects it can pose on a person’s physical and mental health.  However according to a recent article in Woman’s Day, Judith Orloff, MD explains that a little bit of short-term stress can be just the right thing to push us towards success.

“Stress triggers the hormone cortisol,” explains Orloff, “which helps energize us, revving up our systems to handle the day.  It also motivates us to do better on the things we care about and problem-solve.”

So while stressing out regularly isn’t good for you, a brief rush before a big project or while working out the latest home problem can ultimately help you hunker down and achieve the best possible outcome.

Balance is still important though.  Remember that after your brief stress rush, it’s still important to take a few moments to relax.  Might we recommend a Contempo Sofa to help?

Photo Credit: Andy Newsom

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