The Power of The Pillow Fort

Here at Contempo Sofa, we strive to craft luxurious, modern sofas..  But you know who doesn’t care about luxury or custom design?  Kids.

Kids just want to have fun (can you blame them?).  Our salesmen could prattle on all day about 100% Italian leather upholstery, no sag coil-springs, wide cushions, and Velcro fasteners, but those kids would probably just let the words fly over their little heads (not difficult) and start jumping all over our fine sofa products (not difficult either, those cushions are pretty comfy).

So today at Contempo Sofa, we’re going to take a look at one of our favorite childhood sofa uses – the pillow fort.  A symbol of creativity, adventure and fun, even for adults it’s a heartwarming adventure into DIY living room architecture.  These are some of the best on the web:

A colorful fort!

Photo Credit: Archibald Jude

Colorful, cozy and perfect for playtime!  I wish we could see the rest of it, but judging by the smile smeared across his face, it’s probably pretty cool.

Big fort, eh?

Photo Credit: Libby Rosof

Spacious, eh?  You could probably house a mini platoon in there!

Impressive fort

It looks enormous on the outside, but is it spacious on the inside, too?

Beautiful fort

Photo Credit: Max Charping

Gorgeous, isn’t it?  This probably wasn’t built by a kid, but the serenity is just too alluring not to share!

Try building your own pillow fort!  You can find a few good tips and gather inspiration here.

At Contempo Sofa, we don’t make our sofas with forts in mind (sorry kids), but we certainly wouldn’t discourage any one from trying.  Just try to not scratch the leather, ok?  We work hard to make that stuff shine.

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