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Sofa Tip: Go Timeless, Not Trendy

Timeless, not trendy sofas One of the easiest ways to make a period piece movie or TV show is to use a dated sofa. And, if you think about it, it kind of makes sense. Every decade has a sofa trend that no one is very proud of in the same way that every generation has fashion trends nobody wants to remember. Continue reading
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Living Room Feng Shui and the Sofa

Living Room Feng Shui and the Sofa According to feng shui, the Chinese system for directing energy through a space, the sofa is the most important part of the living room. It is the place where people meet and gather, therefore it’s imperative to arrange the sofa in a way that complements good energy flow. Continue reading
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Ninja Block: An Alarm For Your Couch Cushions

Ninja Block, computerized sensor-equipped box...with Internet Ain't technology fascinating? A young Internet startup called Ninja Block is planning to release "little computerized, sensor-equipped boxes" that can be used for a variety of daily tasks such as catching newspaper thieves and keeping your pets off the couch. Continue reading
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Stress Awareness Month: Why You Should Relax

Don't get stressed - get rest April is Stress Awareness Month. Why dedicate an entire month to stress? Isn’t stress a sign of productivity and work ethic? You could look at it like that, but chronic stress is going to have some serious long-term health consequences Continue reading
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Where Royalty Sits: The Throne

Chrysanthemum Throne of Japan For generations, royalty and monarchs ruled nations from their thrones, chairs demarcated by a near sacrosanct importance. Read on to learn more about four of the most interesting thrones known to history and the generations of monarchs who used them. Continue reading
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Easy Ways to Lift A Sofa

President Obama demonstrates how to move a couch I’m sure we’ve all seen the old comedy stereotype of a guy throwing out his back trying to lift a sofa. Heck, maybe you have thrown your back out lifting a sofa. Regardless, you can avoid that with some great new tools designed to make the sofa moving process a little less risky. Continue reading
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Room with a View: Keep Your Seating Near a Window This Spring

Put the sofa near a window for a comfy view An easy way to help your interior get into the spirit of the season is to move your seating close to the windows or at least in the stream of direct sunlight. Although spots near the window can be cold and drafty in the winter, springtime windows have no such inconvenience. Continue reading
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The Living Room Seating Layout For Dummies

Great seating layouts are easy! Interior Design may not be everyone’s domain, but setting up a living room seating layout is easy as A-B-C. Check out some of these tips to ensure that even if your living room doesn’t sparkle and shine, it can at least have a well-placed seating layout. Continue reading
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Stop Your Cat From Hurting Your Upholstery

cats love scratching and they're particularly fond of scratching upholstery We love our furry, feline friends (who doesn't), and they unfortunately love our leather upholstery in a way we wish they didn't. Cats scratch instinctively and when they scratch leather upholstery, that damages the furniture. So how can you keep your cat's scratching habit at bay? Read on to find out. Continue reading
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Buy a Kid-Proof Sofa…Trust Us, Just Buy One

Buy a kid-proof sofa. Seriously, just do it. Buying a sofa is a long-term investment, and in order to get the most out of that investment, you have to purchase something that can stand up to all the challenges of your home. Buy a kid-proof sofa, so you won't have to worry about the dangers rough-housing or messy spills might impose upon your sofa. Continue reading
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