What’s in a Frame?

The frame is an important part of the sofa design process.What’s in a frame?

We’re glad you asked.  The sofa frame is a very important part of the sofa design process, since it gives the entire piece its shape and acts as a basic skeleton, helping to keep all the cushy stuff in place.

The best frames are typically built from kiln-dried hardwood.  The kiln drying process sucks all moisture from the wood to ensure that it remains strong and sturdy for years to come.  Frames made of green wood, knotted wood or any softwood are susceptible to shrinkage or cracking.

Typically plywood and particleboard frames aren’t very highly regarded, especially if they’ve only been stapled together.  High-quality frames feature glued, doweled and screwed joints with corners strengthened by reinforcing blocks.

According to Apartment Therapy, some furniture makers and engineers do feel that high quality, multi-layered plywood can provide a decent frame in terms of structure and durability.  If you have to go with a plywood frame for some reason, make sure it has at least 11-13 layers of plywood for added support.

All Contempo Sofa products feature hardwood frames that are glued, double-doweled, and corner blocked for extra strength and durability.  Our products last for years because we like to give every sofa the love and care it deserves with a high-quality frame.

Photo via Apartment Therapy

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