Naps: The Key To A Better Life

If you really want to power through the day, take a nap instead of a coffee break.

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles

Go, Go, Go.  Work, Work, Work.  Sound familiar?

Americans are overworked, underpaid, and, sadly, not changing any time soon.  But there is a way to keep up productivity throughout a long day without sacrificing your health (and cash!) to caffeine and energy drinks: NAPS!

Believe it or not, napping is widely praised for its cognitive and physical benefits.  According to Webmd, as little as 20 minutes of peaceful snoozing can vastly improve alertness.  30 minutes in and you’ve got improved decision making skills.  60 minutes of napping completely refreshes the brain, preparing a busy mind for creative problem solving.

Save money, feel better, work harder.  Take a nap.

And while you’re at it, why not try a nap on one of Contempo Sofa’s fine leather sofas.

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